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Wally the Walrus Paupack Plunge 2014
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We're Freezin' for a Reason
Paupack Plunge Press Release

A large group of slightly insane people, often dressed in costumes, will converge on the banks of Lake Wallenpaupack at the Lighthouse Harbor Marina.

They will patiently await their turn as the announcer calls out their names.  And one by one, one group each half hour Starting at 11:00 AM will line up.

Then upon command, these adventurous individuals will raise their voices and Walk Quickly Toward the Freezing Cold Waters of Lake Wallenpaupack and Plunge into it's frigid depths.

Finally...and usually quite quickly, they will exit the water, huddle by the heaters and from beneath their blankets congratulate each other on another fine Paupack Plunge.
Cutting the Ice for the Paupack Plunge on Lake Wallenpaupack
2014 Paupack Plunge being held on February 15 2014
Time to sign up for the Paupack Plunge
Can you believe that it has been almost one year since the 2013 Paupack Plunge?  Have you warmed up yet?

The summer has gone by so quickly and the cold weather has made its entrance.  And as the cold winds blow colder, and the snow begins to fall...we will be working hard to make the 3rd Annual Paupack Plunge bigger, better and bolder for 2014!

So follow us on Facebook and check our website for news, new features and other information about our charity event!  And as always...We're Freezin' for a Reason!
Polar Plunge on Lake Wallenpaupack 2014
Poloar Plunge Style Event Lake Wallenpaupack
Paupack Plunge on your Bucket List
Plungers in Costumes Exiting the Water
Plunge into Lake Wallenpaupack on February 15 2014
Please remember that Costumes are not required...but are Definitely Encouraged!  Prizes will be awarded for the best costume!

Prizes will be given to the plungers who collect the most in donations and every plunger will receive a 2014 Paupack Plunge T-shirt

Corporate sponsors can choose between our Platinum, Gold or Silver sponsorship levels.  The Platinum level includes a Paupack Plunge Plaque, your Company Name include on our T-shirts, a Link on our Website and a FREE T-shirt.

Reserve your space now for the Third Annual Paupack Plunge.
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The Paupack Plunge Charity Event for Local Dive and Rescue Teams
The 2014 Paupack Plunge will again benefit two of our local dive and rescue teams.  The Ledgedale Dive Team and the Tafton Water Rescue Team.

Last year our 152 Plungers Raised $6000 for these great charities, and this year...we want to beat that number!

As always, there will be Food and Refreshments for all, Changing Rooms, Restrooms, T-Shirts for all our Plungers, Music, and much more!

Its going to be a blast, or at least a chill as We're Freezin' for a Reason...again!
Paupack Plunge Charity Event
Support Local Dive and Rescue Teams
Join Us for the 2014 Paupack Plunge
The 2014 Paupack Plunge will be held on February 15th 2014 and participation is open for Individual Donations, Corporate Sponsorships, Sponsorship of a Plunger and those who wish to Plunge.
Wally the Walrus is the Host of the 2014 Paupack Plunge
Welcome to the Paupack Plunge